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SI Belts - Sacroiliac Belts and Supports

SI Belts - Sacroiliac Belts and Supports

When the SI joint is "hypermobile" or too loose, a brace can be wrapped around the waist and pulled snugly to stabilize the area. This type of brace can also be very helpful at times when the joint is inflamed or painful. When it calms down, the brace can be weaned away.

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Baby Belly Pelvic Support™ - Diane Lee

Baby Belly Pelvic Support™ Information Why do..

CAD $180.00

Maternity SI-LOC® Support Belt

The Maternity SI-LOC Sacroiliac belt offers support to the S..

CAD $84.99

MyBabystrap™ Evolution - Maternity Belt

The MyBabyStrap Evolution maternity belt from Donjoy is desi..

CAD $119.99

Serola Sacroilliac Belt - ver 2

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is one of the most popular and hi..

CAD $59.99

SI-LOC® Support Belt

Effective for low back pain relief, the SI-LOC sacroiliac be..

CAD $49.99


A uniquely designed sacroiliac belt, The Com-PressorTM allow..

CAD $65.99