Massage Balls

Massage Balls

Massage balls are designed to help relieve the muscle of existing minor aches and pains by applying targeted pressure over the muscle. Massage balls can be used to self-massage myofascial trigger points all over the body.

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Franklin Easy Grip Ball™ Set 6-10 Days

Franklin Easy Grip Ball™ Set

The Franklin Easy Grip Ball™ Set includes two soft red balls..

CAD $23.99

Franklin Fascia Massager™ Oval

Eric Franklin’s compact Fascia Massager™ Oval relaxes tight ..

CAD $14.99

Franklin Fascia Massager™ Peanut

Stimulate the senses and increase circulation while releasin..

CAD $20.99

Franklin Massage Ball Set

Bundle all your massage needs into one package; set includes..

CAD $37.99

Franklin Mini Roll™

The 'crystal blue' Franklin Mini Roll™ is designed to comfor..

CAD $35.99

Franklin Small Blue Textured Ball™ Set

Experience movement therapy training and relaxing massage wi..

CAD $33.99

Franklin Smooth Ball™ Set

The new orange Franklin Smooth Ball™ Set is designed to comf..

CAD $33.99

Franklin Textured Ball™ Set 6-10 Days

Franklin Textured Ball™ Set

The 'emerald green' Franklin Textured Ball™ Set sports a new..

CAD $33.99