Ankle and Foot

Ankle and Foot

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Aircast AirHeel

Features & BenefitsReduces swelling and discomfor..

CAD $94.99

Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot - Short

The Aircast AirSelect Short Walking Boot has a durable, semi..

CAD $154.99

Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace

Features & BenefitsFoam-filled aircell that cushi..

CAD $87.99

Aircast Bunion Aid

The Aircast Bunion Aid is a hinged bunion splint with adjust..

CAD $66.99

Bauerfeind AchilloTrain®

Bauerfeind AchilloTrain® - Active support for relief of the ..

CAD $159.99

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Ankle Support

Active support for greater ankle stability and security duri..

CAD $109.99

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain® Ankle Support

MalleoTrain® - Active support for muscular stabilization of ..

CAD $119.99

Darco DCS Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve

DCS™ Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve    The DARCO D..

CAD $39.99

Elasto-Gel All-Purpose Therapy Wraps

The use of an ice wrap for an acute injury or after surgery ..

CAD $47.99

Elasto-Gel Cast & Splint Padding

For prevention of pressure sores and skin iritation that can..

CAD $43.99

Elasto-Gel Foot/Ankle Therapy Wrap

The Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Foot and Ankle Wrap is designed to f..

CAD $59.99

Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold All Purpose Therapy Pack

Comes in 3 sizes.  6" * 8", 8" * 16" and 12" * 12". Th..

CAD $39.99

Franklin Fascia Massager™ Oval

Eric Franklin’s compact Fascia Massager™ Oval relaxes tight ..

CAD $14.99

Franklin Fascia Massager™ Peanut

Stimulate the senses and increase circulation while releasin..

CAD $20.99

Franklin Massage Ball Set

Bundle all your massage needs into one package; set includes..

CAD $37.99

Happy Feet: Dynamic Base, Effortless Posture

The latest in a series of books by Mind-Body guru Eric Frank..

CAD $23.99

Heel That Pain - MKO - Gel

The “HTP Heel Seats” are a one of a kind product that works ..

CAD $35.99

Heel That Pain - MKO - Original

The “Heel That Pain (HTP) Heel Seats” are a one of a ki..

CAD $35.99

Kinesio Tex Gold - 2" x 103' - FP Tape

Developed exclusively for Kinesio professionals. This is the..

CAD $109.99

Lower Extremities Assessment Forms - McKenzie Institute

Designed to Robin McKenzie's specifications, the Extremities..

CAD $9.99

MalleoLoc® L

New for 2018!!  The MalleoLoc L ankle brace (orthosis) ..

CAD $200.00

MKO Figure 8 Ankle Brace with Stays

Product FeaturesDesigned to support and protect ankles ..

CAD $55.99

MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short

MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Low Top is designed for stable..

CAD $156.99

MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Tall

This air walker has an anatomically correct calf section tha..

CAD $159.99

Pro Balance Pad New

Pro Balance Pad

This Pro Balance Pad by OPTP provides the ideal surface for ..

CAD $59.99

Pro Balance Pad XL New

Pro Balance Pad XL

This Pro Balance Pad XL by OPTP provides the ideal surface f..

CAD $125.99

Stretch Out™ Strap with Exercise Booklet

The patented Stretch Out™ Strap delivers the benefits of ass..

CAD $26.99

TheraBand First Step to Foot Relief Kit

This kit contains everything you need for the relief from pa..

CAD $37.99

TheraBand Latex-Free - 25 Yards - Professional Resistance Band

TheraBand Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands are availa..

CAD $64.99

TheraBand Latex-Free - 50 Yards - Professional Resistance Band

TheraBand Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands are availa..

CAD $139.99

Toe Alignment Splint - TAS

The DARCO TAS™-Toe Alignment Splint is a cost-effective solu..

CAD $23.99

Toe Loops

The easy-to-apply loop and wrap design of the 3pp® Toe Loops..

CAD $19.99

Utility Strap

FeaturesA versatile black webbed strap, available in&..

CAD $29.99

Wooden Uniplane Rocker

The first step in movement retraining, the Uniplane Rocker b..

CAD $87.99

The Human Extremities: Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy®

This essential text draws upon the history of mechanical dis..

CAD $109.99