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2" PhysioStim Round Premium Electrodes

-33% 2" PhysioStim Round Premium Electrodes

This is a premium-quality electrode at a competitive price. These are the electrodes that are commonly used in physiotherapy clinics.  PhysioStim is changing the game—and the industry as we know it. In fact, it’s the only hydrogel electrode on the market today deserving of the title, “The World’s Best Electrode.”

These PhysioStim electrodes are designed differently then your standard square electrodes.  They are square with rounded sides and have a corner-exiting lead wire for easier removal by lead wire. The top cover is a white non-woven fabric.  By locating the wire in the corner of the electrode it reduces the amount of force require to start the pulling process resulting in a more comfortable experience for the patient. If you currently using 2" square electrodes you should consider giving the Squircle a try.

Package contents include: 4 PhysioStim 2" Round white fabric electrodes on reduced stick liner for easy storage when not in use.

Why Choose PhysioStim?

Aggressively Priced: No sticker shock here. Despite its excellent performance qualities, PhysioStim actually costs less than all domestic hydrogel electrodes and most imported hydrogel electrodes.

Superior Electrical Performance: PhysioStim outshines other brands in electrical conductivity, resistance and dispersion, meaning that the optimal amount of current is delivered efficiently and evenly to the patient’s skin. This translates into maximum therapeutic value and a reduced risk of burns and discomfort.

Rugged Construction: PhysioStim employs high-quality materials and improved construction techniques, allowing it to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. It even allows for easy removal via “lifting with the lead wire” without the risk of tearing or wire damage.

Excellent Moisture Retention:  PhysioStim maintains stable moisture content throughout its lifespan, eliminating the drastic drops in performance and safety that can occur when an electrode dries out.

PhysioStim's gel stays wetter longer resulting in excellent re-apply performance

High Levels of Re-Use: PhysioStim can be consistently reapplied to a patient’s skin without losing significant adhesion or performance.

Designed for Patient Comfort: PhysioStim’s soft, flexible materials and biocompatible hydrogel assures patients receive an effective and comfortable therapy experience.

PROVEN Excellence: PhysioStim has been rigorously evaluated and compared against other electrode brands using our proprietary, 100% objective testing tool, H.E.C.A.T. Unlike our competitors, we stand behind our claims of superiority with scientific data.

Electrodes per Pack
Top Material
White Non-woven Fabric
Standard TheraGel hydrogel, non hypoallergenic
Lead Wire Connector
Industry standard 0.80″ (2mm) female connector

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