PelviWand - LA-Wand™

PelviWand - LA-Wand™
The Pelviwand® empowers you to control the exact amount and location of pressure applied. Each Pelviwand has two release-ends.

The brilliant curves, release-ends and improved overall design make the Pelviwand perfect for men and women intravaginally and/or intrarectally to gently massage pelvic floor muscles that are tender, tight or have trigger-points.

The LA-Wand™ is a longer wand and helps when reachability may be strained. The LA-Wand™ is commonly recommended for anal and/or vaginal use.

The LA-Wand (Improved version of the Premium TheraWand) has a curved design and is excellent for ease of use intravagianlly or rectally to treat pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pain. Suits both men and women. The LA-Wand has a slightly thinner shaft and a more rounded end than the V-Wand. The therapist inspired design of the LA-Wand has also proven to be the ultimate tool for prostate massage. Each end of the LA-Wand can be used for manual massage and trigger point (myofascial) release. This wand is perfect for alleviating pelvic pain. Made from high quality medical grade acrylic material.

The use of the LA-Wand as an adjunct to physiotherapy treatment for  myofascial trigger points in the pelvis, can replicate what your physiotherapist  is doing when using trigger point massage or trigger point release techniques during treatment sessions.

With correct use of the LA-Wand patients are able to ‘direct’ the therapy themselves allowing a greater sense of control over their own therapy.

Instructions  are included with every order, however we strongly suggest speaking to your womens health physiotherapist about your personal treatment plan.  Therapeutic use of the LA-Wand can address pelvic pain, reduce core stress, increase sexual health and generally improve the quality of life.

Features Include:

  • The LA-Wand's elongated  curved design and tapered end make this an excellent device for treating pelvic floor dysfunction and pain.
  • Each end of the LA-Wand can be used for manual massage and trigger point (myofascial) release.
  • Sealed in plastic, comes with a cotton carrying pouch, an informational brochure.
  • Made from high quality medical grade acrylic material.
  • Made in the USA

What is the difference between the LA-Wand and the V-Wand?
The LA-Wand  and V-Wands both have the S shape and one tapered end. Each end on both of the PelviWands offers multi-uses and is used in pelvic therapy. To treat a wide variety Trigger Point release as well as G-spot and Prostate stimulation.
The V-Wand is slightly thicker and has a longer ‘handle’ (rounded) end making manual manipulation easier for Physiotherapists and their patients.
The LA-Wand  has a slightly thinner shaft and is elongated.  The gently tapered end and the end with the four balls have both in indicated in pelvic therapy, although the end with the four balls is more widely used as a handle. While both PelviWand's can be used, the  LA-Wand is more commonly recommended for prostate massage.

PelviWand Male Instructional Video

New instructional video by Dr. Susie Gronski! This thoroughly engaging and educational video demonstrates how to use the PelviWand for male pelvic therapy.

Warning: Graphic content. Actual person demonstrates proper product usage.

Safety Information:
Caution: After anal insertion, make sure to clean your LA-Wand before any other insertion rectally or vaginally. Do not insert rectally past the first curve of the S shape. Clean your LA-Wand with soap and warm water. DO NOT CLEAN WITH ALCOHOL.

Note:  We strongly recommend that you use this product under the guidance and direction of a physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic floor health.

Legal Disclaimer

PelviWand is not responsible for the misuse of this product. Our statements are suggestions only. This product is for novelty use only.

Due to hygienic reasons, this product is not returnable.

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