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Heel That Pain - MKO - Gel

The “HTP Heel Seats” are a one of a kind product that works ..

CAD $35.99

Heel That Pain - MKO - Original

The “Heel That Pain (HTP) Heel Seats” are a one of a ki..

CAD $35.99

MKO Elite Epi-Tek Compression Elbow Sleeve New

MKO Elite Epi-Tek Compression Elbow Sleeve

Pain relief and support for the elbow jointThe MKO Elite Epi..

CAD $59.99

MKO Elite Genu-Tek Compression Knee Sleeve

Pain relief and stability for the knee jointThe MKO Elite Ge..

CAD $79.99

MKO Elite Hinged Knee Brace

Features & BenefitsAnatomically contoured to redu..

CAD $79.99

MKO Elite Patella Stabilizer

This patellar stabilizing brace is designed to provide track..

CAD $59.99

MKO Elite Universal Thumb Brace

Features & BenefitsProprietary memory foam lamina..

CAD $34.99

MKO Figure 8 Ankle Brace with Stays

Product FeaturesDesigned to support and protect ankles ..

CAD $55.99

MKO Hinged Knee Wrap

Features & Benefits Covered aluminum hyper-extension hin..

CAD $79.99

MKO Lumbosacral Support

Product FeaturesAll elastic with double pull-side pan..

CAD $64.99

MKO Patella J Brace

Features & BenefitsIndicated for patella tracking..

CAD $59.99

MKO Patella Stabilizer (w/ Straps)

Features & BenefitsPatella opening for comfort ..

CAD $59.99

MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short

MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Low Top is designed for stable..

CAD $156.99

MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Tall

This air walker has an anatomically correct calf section tha..

CAD $159.99

MKO Wrist Brace - Lacing

Product Features Include:Dual Removable palmar and do..

CAD $39.99

TK Thumbkeeper Universal

Features & BenefitsDesigned for thumb arthritis a..

CAD $42.99