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Elasto-Gel Cast & Splint Padding

Elasto-Gel Cast & Splint Padding
For prevention of pressure sores and skin iritation that can develop under casts and splints. Eliminates maceration, moisturizes the skin, and prevents friction.

Contains 5 pads per box.  Comes in several sizes:  4" x 4"; 6" x 8"; 12" x 12"; 8" x 16"

Directions for Use

  1. If using under a cast, all traces of soaps, detergents, and disinfectants should be removed from the skin before applying the padding.
  2. Select a cast/splint pad of appropriate size and remove from the package.
  3. The pad may be cut to size and/or shape with scissors. Leave the clear plastic film on gel while cutting the padding. Holes may be cut in the pads to fit over and between fingers, toes, and other protrusions to allow for complete protection of the target area.
  4. Remove clear plastic film from gel and position the pad and proceed with the application of the cast, splint, or put on the pressure garment. Alternatively, the cover roll may be used first, then gel, then apply cast.
  5. If a splint needs to be stabilized then the white fabric backing may be removed. To do so, moisten the fabric (using a damp cotton swab). Slowly “peel” the cloth from the gel and apply the gel pad to the patient. Then remove the clear plastic film, put the splint in place, and secure it as needed.
  6. Elasto-Gel™ Cast and Splint Pads may be layered on top of each other for additional padding.

Caution: DO NOT get the cast and splint padding wet.

Caution: If skin irritation occurs, discontinue cast and splint pad use.

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