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Elasto-Gel Cervical/Lumbar Support Roll

Elasto-Gel Cervical/Lumbar Support Roll

The Elasto-Gel Support Roll is the ideal therapy tool to use for lower back and neck pain. It contains non-toxic Elasto-Gel which remains flexible when frozen, providing full coverage for your neck and lower back. The cylindrical shaped roll supports your spine's natural curves during treatment, ensuring that your spine is properly aligned while heating or icing.

Features of the Elasto-Gel Support Roll include:

  • Long lasting ice or heat for up to 40 minutes
  • Easy to use - freeze for ice or microwave for heat
  • Maintains your neck and lower back in the proper position during treatment
  • Perfect for lower back pain, neck pain, muscle spasms, or headaches.
  • Latex free material and is durable
  • Elasto-Gel will not leak if punctured and remains flexible when frozen for maximal comfort.

Maintaining your spine in the proper position as it heals is important when managing neck or back pain. The Elasto-Gel Support roll helps to maintain spinal alignment, provides soothing heat/cold to help manage your pain, increase bloodflow, helps decrease inflammation, decrease muscle spasms and starts you on the road to recovery.

Small Support Roll is 3 x 10 inches - 2.7lbs.

Large Support Roll is 4 x 10 inches - 4.2lbs.

These are made in the USA.

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Tags: ElastoGel, Neck, Cervical, Support Roll, ice, cold pack, hot pack, whiplash, neck pain, poor posture, back pain