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CryoDerma Microbeads Neck Contour Moist Hot/Cold Therapy

New CryoDerma Microbeads Neck Contour Moist Hot/Cold Therapy
CryoDerma MicroBeads - Neck Contour 8" x 22"

Safe and effective time released moist heat delivers the therapeutic level of treatment for up to ten minutes. Easy to use, simply microwave for one to two minutes and apply - the beads continually replace moisture. CryoDerma Microbeads stay odor-free and resist bacteria, mold or fungi growth.

Instructions for Use

FOR MOIST HEAT THERAPY: Place the moist heat pack into a clean microwave oven on a glass or china microwave-safe plate (If the microwave does not have a rotating base, place another microwave-safe plate over top of it). The plate provides a method of distributing the heat evenly and reduces the risk of hot-spots in your microwave. If it's necessary to fold the pack to fit in your microwave, fold it loosely. Halfway through the heating cycle, remove it and reverse the fold. Continue Heating the remaining time.

FOR SOOTHING COLD: Place the product in the freezer for more than two hours and apply as needed. Because the moist heat packs deliver a soothing cold, it feels more comfortable and drier than ice or gel packs.

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